Rakkup App

Rakkup is a great new app that makes getting lost trying to find the crag a thing of the past! With up-to-date descriptions, topos and trails,  it should be on every climber’s phone if they climb at a location that features a rakkup guide. The cost is less than comparable print guidebooks, and always more accurate, as it can be updated at anytime. You, as the user then get those updates for free for the first year (after that updates are available at a slight cost). It’s simple to use, and intuitive, and works on any iPad, iPhone 5 or newer, and Android phones/tablets. The app is free to download, and then you can download sample walls of almost any of the guides to see how it works before buying the guide.

New features just released include social media, with the ability to “tick” climbs after doing them, and posting routes you’ve done to Facebook if you desire.

It is recommended to buy the guidebook you want through the rakkup website, as it is around 30% cheaper due to Apple and Google fees for listing the app. Once you purchase the guide you want through the rakkup website, it will automatically show up on your “bookshelf” in your app.